Irish Reading Association WS’17

We are back!

This semester, we’ll start on October 24th at Cafe Gagarin (7pm). We hope to see many of you!

The first text we’ll read is Anne Devlin’s Naming the Names – we’ll bring some copies, write us, if you want access to the text before the session.


yours truly

the IRA


Irish Reading Association Vienna-Summer School Special Session

Finally, another homepage post (we found Facebook to be our medium of choice): The Irish Reading Association is holding a special session as part of the Vienna Irish Studies Summer School , where we, remaining fairthful to the short story genre,  will have a look at James Joyce’s “The Sisters”, Elizabeth Bowen’s “Her Table Spread”, and Flann O’Brien’s “Two in One”. Of course, you are also welcome if you do not attend the summer school and just want to read or have already read one of these short stories. The  corresponding Facebook event can be found here.

Welcome to the Irish Reading Association!

Welcome to the homepage of the Irish Reading Association of the University of Vienna! We’re a group of English students interested in – what else? – Irish writing! Our meetings take place twice a month to discuss a given novel/short story/other piece of work, and to socialize with our like-minded peers. All students welcome!