The Irish Reading Association

Irish Reading Association Vienna-Summer School Special Session

Finally, another homepage post (we found Facebook to be our medium of choice): The Irish Reading Association is holding a special session as part of the Vienna Irish Studies Summer School , where we, remaining fairthful to the short story genre,  will have a look at James Joyce’s “The Sisters”, Elizabeth Bowen’s “Her Table Spread”, and Flann O’Brien’s “Two in One”. Of course, you are also welcome if you do not attend the summer school and just want to read or have already read one of these short stories. The  corresponding Facebook event can be found here.


Are you interested in the Guinness-colored side of Anglophone culture? Then look no further! We’ll neither give you ECTS credits, nor pay for your beer, but come by and engage in discussions on either one or more of the following texts at the times and place listed below, we are waiting for you!

Oscar Wilde – The Nightingale and the Rose 14.3.
James Joyce – The Sisters (Dubliners) 28.3
Liam O’Flatherty – The Sniper 4.4.
The Easter Rising Proclamation 25.4.
Brendan Behan – The Black North 9.5.
Colm Tóibín – The Journey to Galway 23.5.
Emma Donoghue – Room (abstract) 6.6.
Roddy Doyle – Ash 20.6

Where? Café Gagarin,
Garnisongasse 24, 1080
6 p.m.

If you have any questions, feel free to write us at .